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With globalShortcuts it's possible to add shortcuts that are listened for globally. Even if the application is not in focus the callbacks assign to the shortcuts will still execute.

import { globalShortcuts } from 'miletus';

globalShortcuts.add('CmdOrCtrl+K', () => {
    console.log('Ctrl+K pressed!');


Add global shortcuts in your main window only!

Supported keys

Key Value
Ctrl CmdOrCtrl
Shift Shift
Alt Alt
A - Z A - Z
0 - 9 0 - 9
F1 - F24 F1 - F24
Backspace Backspace
Tab Tab
Enter Enter
Esc Esc
Space Space
Page Up PageUp
Page Down PageDown
End End
Home Home
Left Left
Up Up
Right Right
Down Down
Ins Insert
Del Delete

For example: Ctrl+Shift+A equals to CmdOrCtrl+Shift+A.


add(shortcut, callback)

  • shortcut string - The shortcut to be listener for.
  • callback Function - The callback that is called when the shortcut is pressed.

Add a shortcut to the listened shortcuts.

globalShortcuts.add('CmdOrCtrl+K', () => {
    console.log('Ctrl+K pressed!');


  • shortcut string - The shortcut to be removed.

Removes a shortcut from the listened shortcuts.


Removes all added shortcuts.