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We provide demos that you can inspect and play around with to get a feel of how the API library and the packager works.

Download the sample applications with source code from our download page.

Running the samples

Most of our demos use the precompiled JavaScript distribution so running them is as simple as calling the packager and running the created application(s).

However, there are some samples that depend on webpack and npm. For these the package.json file is also provided, so the first step is to call the following command:

npm install

With the necessary dependencies installed check the scripts part of the package.json. It will contain a build script that calls webpack along with MiletusPackager.

  "scripts": {
    "build": "webpack && MiletusPackager ."

Modify this accordingly if you don't have the packager in your $PATH variable.

Then create a build by calling:

npm run build