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In the miletus.config.json file set the debug property to true to enable the browser debugging.

As Miletus does not use a bundled browser within the application, debugging differs from platform to platform.


When the application is deployed in debug mode Miletus adds a default menubar to the application if no custom menu was set through application.setMenu(). The developer tools can be accessed via View > Toggle developer tools or the F12 shortcut when the window is in focus.

The developer tools can be opened programmatically by calling application.openDevTools().

import { application } from 'miletus';


Linux and Raspberry Pi

Debugging is similar to Windows. The developer tools can be accessed via the View > Toggle devloper tools menu item from the main menu or by calling application.openDevTools().


To be able to debug on macOS on the target machine, open up a Safari instance and if you haven't already, enable the Develop menu item:

See Deployment for information on application signing which is required for debugging.

When the signed macOS application is on the target machine, debugging is possible by selecting Develop > Your machine's name > your_main.html item from the menu bar of your running Safari instance.