Fast, lightweight, cross platform desktop applications.
One code base for Windows, macOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi!

Compact fast framework
running on all desktops

One code base

One code base

Develop once using JavaScript or TypeScript

One code base


Deploy via a single executable file

Database abstraction

Database abstraction

Access different local databases

Database abstraction


Easy to extend to get extra direct operating system access

One code base

JavaScript or TypeScript

Use your preferred development language JavaScript or TypeScript to create cross-platform desktop applications.

Write code once

Deploy to
Windows, macOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi

Reuse existing libraries

Take advantage of and integrate existing JavaScript/TypeScript libraries in your apps


Create modern user interfaces with web technology and reuse existing UI templates

Extensive API for easy access to

Operating System functionality

Start using our extensive Miletus API from your
JavaScript or TypeScript code
for direct access to operating system functionality.


Local file system access


Native operating system
dialogs and notification access


Direct operating system menus usage


Use i²c, SPI, GPIO, UART hardware on Raspberry Pi

Seamlessly connect to your

Local databases

Write code once and use with a multitude of different
local database systems

Different local database supported

PostgreSQL, MS Access, Interbase, Firebird

Single code base

Simply change a connection string
and start using a different database

Perform queries directly

Execute SQL queries directly on
the local database

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Getting started

Watch our videos to see how you get your first cross platform desktop apps in minutes

By Holger Flick|Sep 12, 2022

Install Miletus under Windows

By Holger Flick|Sep 12, 2022

Install Miletus under macOS

By Holger Flick|Sep 12, 2022

Your very first app

By Holger Flick|Sep 12, 2022

Accessing local files

By Holger Flick|Sep 12, 2022

Using a local database

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